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Research & Development

Equipe ingénieur recherche et développement pièces plastiques automobile

A multidisciplinary team

Our technicians, engineers, structural analysts, draughtsmen and sales staff work as a team to find innovative technical solutions thanks to their combined and proven expertise in our test centre.

Test centre

We validate all the functions we develop.

  • Cyclic pressure bench
  • Vibration pot with climatic chamber
  • Thermal shock chamber
  • High flow BlowBy control bench
  • Pneumatic endurance bench
  • Overpressure test bench
  • Vacuum test bench
  • Leakage flow measurement and burst test
  • Traction test bench
  • Bench of settling
  • Bench for impact simulation

Development, calculation and validation

Design and validation are entirely performed internally at the Miribel R&D centre.

Our calculation centre provides:

  • IDEAS / IDEAS-VIBRO vibro-acoustic calculation
  • Rheological calculation Moldflow
  • Flow calculation with the FLUENT simulation software
  • Simulation of high speed impacts (crash)
  • ANSYS structure calculation